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Winter-proof Your Garage

Winter-proof Your Garage
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A modern garage is not just used for parking a vehicle. Most homeowners organize it to be used as storage for seasonal items. Some dads use it as workshop. The area is kept safe and secure for everyone, regardless of the season. Most homeowners also make an effort to winter-proof the room since extreme cold weather poses some adverse effects. You can already have a warmer room by starting with your garage door.
Insulating the Door

If you have a standard garage door, it could be built for security first. Meaning, it is designed to keep thieves out and not warmth in.

Winter-proof Your GarageGarage door contractors resolve this issue by insulating the door. They commonly use soft-spun fiberglass or solid polystyrene sheets. The polystyrene sheets are placed in between panels since it pops, while the soft fiberglass is held by plastic clips attached to the door. Aside from insulating the door itself, most installers use weather stripping to insulate around the door. However, aging doors may already have cracked strips. It can be replaced or installed using a bottom seal, which is a strip of pliable vinyl, foam or rubber. This can already keep drafts away from underneath the door. Additional layer of weather stripping can be done to treat gaps around the sides of the door.

If you are thinking of installing a new overhead door for your garage, why not upgrade to a weatherproof product. This has insulation built in place; with better seals that keep winter winds from entering in between the cracks. You may also check if you need garage door panel replacement to make sure that no wind enters the gaps or cracks. Insulation is necessary if your garage is attached into your home. Aside from comfort, you could also benefit from it by saving energy and cutting on your electricity bills.

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