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Getting to Know Garage Door Springs

Getting to Know Garage Door Springs
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The single most strained part of your garage door is the garage door springs. The springs are basically the ones responsible for balancing the weight of the door. Since these doors are generally huge and heavy, these springs are subjected to varying amounts of stress every time you operate the door. Although they are designed to withstand such harsh punishments, they will still breakdown way faster than other garage door parts. When you are experiencing difficulties in opening or closing your door, it may be that the springs have worn out. It is best that you check them out.

Things you need to know regarding garage door springs

Getting to Know Garage Door SpringsThere are different kinds of springs depending on the design of your door. There are the torsion springs which are fixed just above the closed door. Another type is the extension garage door springs which are situated above the tracks on both sides of the door. No matter what type of spring you have for your door, you should not perform any effort to repair your garage door broken spring. Some DIYers were able to perform repairs or even garage door torsion spring replacement, however the risks involved in doing repair or replacement are paramount. That is why it is best left to professionals. You may contact us for a quote.

The reason for this is that these springs are under a whole lot of tension so that when released, it could potentially cause some major injuries to you or to anyone near you. However, there are some things you can do for the springs without having to replace or repair them yourself. For example, the door is working fine but the springs are very noisy. This may mean that they are poorly lubricated. The best thing you can do is check the springs, make sure they are clean and then apply some lubricants. This will not only eliminate the squeaking of the springs but it can also help preserve your overhead door springs.

Do-it-yourself is a good attitude but when it comes to issues related to garage door springs, it is better to put this attitude aside.

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