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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
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With effective Garage Door Maintenance, each automatic system will operate more effectively and safely and have a longer useful life. Our professional maintenance services are designed to keep your door in excellent condition and to guarantee its proper functioning at all times. We will take care of each and every part of the system and make repairs whenever they are necessary. We provide a practical and cost-efficient solution which is suitable for all commercial and residential garage owners.

Complete Expert Care

Garage Door MaintenanceOur maintenance services cover virtually all brands and models. We can take care of brand new garage doors and of Clopay systems at a considerable age. We work with both rollup and overhead units. The make is irrelevant as well. We will keep your wood, metal or glass door as beautiful and functional as it was when you first installed it. We pay great attention to detail to provide complete perfection.

Professional lubrication maintenance is provided to all moving metal parts. We clean the parts perfectly to ensure that they never stay rusty or dirty. With proper lubrication, they will always work smoothly and have a longer useful life. We use only lubrication products of the highest quality which have been approved by the major door manufacturers. We inspect and test all parts on a regular basis. The ones which are damaged, worn-out or unsafe for any other reason are replaced immediately. All of our replacement parts are of top quality.

Our garage door opener maintenance service involves cleaning and travel limit and force adjustment. We run regular inspections and tests to ensure that the unit functions efficiently and safely. We provide timely repairs whenever necessary. We will maintain your remote and keypad to ensure that they will not fail you when you use them. We take care of operators from all brands and models without exception. If you entrust us with the maintenance of your Chamberlain, Genie or Liftmaster door opener, you can expect the most effective, reliable and safe performance at all times.

At "Garage Door Repair Maplewood", we are proud of the fact that we maintain absolutely each and every part of the door system without exception. We provide expert garage door opener sensors maintenance to guarantee great safety to everyone living on and visiting the property. We do everything from cleaning the photo eyes to performing efficiency tests. 

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