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Help! My Garage Door Is Peeling

Help! My Garage Door Is Peeling
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Not all faces need peeling! Forget what you do in your bathroom! When it comes to the surface of the garage door, it must be smooth. If the paint starts peeling off, you either haven't taken care of it for decades or it was not painted right the first time. Either way, you must take action! And you must take action today. The more you leave the problem without addressing it, the more it will expand. When it comes to peeling doors, this is the last thing you want. Steel peeling doors will mean trouble as Garage Door Repair in Maplewood says. The peeling paint will reveal the material and let it be exposed to the elements. What does that mean? Erosion! In the case of wood doors, it would mean rotting. Neither of these problems is good news and that's why it's vital for you to fix the door now.

Maintain first

Help! My Garage Door Is Peeling in New JerseyGarage door maintenance won't be a bad idea before you do anything else. It's nice to have a freshly painted door, but if it doesn't work right it won't look good. While you are there checking the system, don't forget to thoroughly check the door, too. If the problem started due to lack of maintenance in the first place, it's good to see if there are more vulnerable parts on the door. Check the edges, especially if you have a wood door. They warp faster and in this case you might need further repairs. If there is need for further garage door repairs, do them now so that you won't have to deal with them later. Safety comes before aesthetics.

Get the right coatings

Of course, taking care of the overhead door is not only about aesthetics. If it's not treated right, the door might be destroyed and it won't be resistant (expect company pretty soon from thieves, winds and other enemies). The material remains strong when it is painted the right way and it all starts by using the right coatings. It's different choosing paint for a steel door and it's another thing getting coatings for wood doors. The latter might need a prime and coatings, which keep the door from getting ruined due to humidity. As for the color, if you're only going to paint certain parts and not the whole door, make sure you get the exact same shade (otherwise your sectional doors will be the clown of the neighborhood).

Do the job right

In order for the paint to be applied well and not peel off pretty soon (again), sand the surface. You won't only get the peeling residues off, but you will also create the right texture for the final coating to be applied right. Make sure to clean the door well before you start painting to remove residues or the coating won't adhere well – especially if there are small raised areas. One more advice: choose to do the job in a nice day. You don't want flying objects due to winds sticking on the freshly painted door (unless you plan on surreal designs).

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